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Spring is here, and if you’re feeling the ho-hum of the same ol’ same ol’ room, a fresh paint job might be just the thing to do. But don’t settle for just a new block of color; try these paint and pattern ideas to breathe some fresh life into any part of the house. 01 Read More

If you’ve ever taken a walk through the paint aisle at your local hardware store, you’ve known the overwhelming feeling of not only having to decide the best color, but the best finish. Does gray work better with a matte? Do warm colors work better with eggshell finishes? Listen, calm down! Today we’re here to Read More

It’s easy enough to pick one color and paint a room, but when you combine two or more colors, you can create powerful expressions through paint. Next time you’re thinking about adding some pizzazz to one of your rooms, consult this color guide. Color Theory: Warm vs Cool and Saturation The first order of business Read More

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